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Zubha LogoV-Track is a premier brand of Zubha Technologies in the GPS Tracking and Cold Chain Monitoring market space. Our R&D work for bringing in a GPS Tracking System to the Indian Market was started in 2015. We have come a long way to proudly serve some of the leading corporate houses in India. At V-Track, we have clear understood the needs of Indian customers as well as Indian operating environment. This has clearly made us to take a firm decision to design and manufacture GPS Trackers in India, rather than importing it from some cheap manufacturer in China.The management team took a firm decision of proceed with in-house R&D for design, development and manufacturing of devices under complete control of the company.In this decade long journey, V-Track has proven that its devices are more stable, reliable and robust for Indian operating environment.

Later on, V-Track has started to design and develop the Cold Chain Monitoring solutions with its own hardware and software. The in-house R&D has help V-Track to integrate the Cold Chain Monitoring into GPS Tracking System. With this integration, V-Track now tracks tens of thousands of vehicles on Indian roads belonging to some of the biggest and mightiest industrial houses in India. Also, it equally caters small and medium size companies providing them uncompromising product quality and service quality. V-Track servers companies across all verticals, starting from food to chemicals, paper to pencils, in both logistics and manufacturing sectors. “Creating value to the customer goods”, “Providing uncompromising quality” and “Improving the product” has been the mission of V-Track and strive to live this mission.

Zubha Technologies has a good team of creative Software development group. Our field experience and the professional expertise of our developers has contributed to successful experiences with our valued Customers. We place a KEY EMPHASIS ON SUPERIOR CUSTOMER CARE. Our staff is well trained to provide customized solutions that are required for your institution. Most of our new customers are referred by our existing satisfied Customers.

Technology of today can provide Real Time Information to various stake holders namely the Management, Principal, Head of Departments,Teachers, Hostel Warden, Transport Manager, Accounts Department, Librarians, Parents and Students. Our technology will also offer integrated solutions to maintain an effective communication channel between various stake holders. This enables the stake holders to enjoy a new experience which are rich with real time information and enable them to take the required decisions with the accuracy of data provided by the system Zubha Technologies (India) Private Limited.

GPS Tracking

GPS Tracking Real-time

gpsGPS Tracking With GPS Tracker you can track your vehicle anywhere in India. The GPS Tracker reports on the platform after every 30 seconds making it the best Real-Time GPS Tracking software. Instant SMS or Voice Call Alerts Our GPS Tracking system reports instantly in case of any event happening in your vehicle. In case it happens our software makes sure that you get all the alerts instantly on your mobile phone via SMS or Voice call on any Mobile phone in India. Route Replay You can view Full animation of the route where your car travelled during a time interval. Our system plots evey location on Map & lets you know the status of vehicle tracker at any time during the journey. Geofence Facility In our GPS Tracker you can set Geofence Alerts which notify you when a vehicle enters or leaves an area. These alerts can be issued via Voice Call or SMS. Now you can keep a track of your vehicle & avoid it going out of your pre-defined area. Multipurpose Reports We have the best reporting system in all over India. Our wide range of reports let you calculate , analyse & profitize your business with the help of Various reports & tools available in our software.

Advantages of V-Tracking System

  • Economical Drive

System helps to reduce fuel consumption by over speed tracking, measurement of engine idling, route improvement, dispatching and proper periodic maintenance.

  • Engine Idling Monitoring

Engine idling reports enable decreasing idle times for fuel efficiency.

  • Improving Driver Behaviour

Driver performance is improved by measuring sudden acceleration, cornering, harsh breaking, route control and break times.

  • Stolen Vehicle Recovery

Stolen vehicles can be located and tracked for recovery with the option of remote immobilization of the vehicle.

  • Real Time Monitoring

System offers real time web based GPS tracking with more than 50 verhicle and driver based reports. System enables to monitorvehicle arrival and departure times and also offers various planning tools.

  • Safer Drive

System reduces traffic accident rates by measuring working times of the vehicles.

GPS Trackers from V-Track

GPS Tracking has never been easier throughout India. V-Track’s GPS Tracking Systems combines the power of our indigenous GPS Tracker with our in-house cloud based web application. This combination is first of its kind in INDIA and helps us to provide our customers with very reliable tracking solution for their fleet. Smart phone applications are also available on Google Play and Apple AppStore with are native apps to the respective platforms. With the help of Smart Phone Apps, it is now possible to get instant notifications of all events of your interest. Installing V-Track’s gps tracker not only offers protection to vehicles from theft, but also the ability to monitor their movement aiding them to keep your clients informed of delivery status of goods.

What we do that our competitors don’t?

At V-Track, we design and manufacture a small, reliable and robust GPS trackers that combines GPS/GSM/GPRS technologies. We also develop software that enables our customers to monitor the position of the device over the internet. So, installing this device on a vehicle will enable the customer to effectively monitor the vehicle using our web interface which is also mobile browser friendly.

How we stand apart ?

We are the only GPS Tracking service provider in India to develop both GPS Tracker and tracking software in-house. With over a decade experience and deep technical knowledge with GPS Tracker related technology and telecommunication industry, we know how to put them to use for the benefit of our customers. Our staff take all your calls personally to offer you any help as and when required.

Features in V-Track GPS Trackers :

  • Do it yourself featuring hardware
  • Simple to install and register
  • Anytime and anywhere access
  • Graphical rich user interface
  • Prompt notifications
  • Variety of useful reports

V-Tracking System

What is V-Track

vt1A vehicle tracking system combines the use of automatic vehicle location in individual vehicles with software that collects these fleet data for a comprehensive picture of vehicle locations. Modern vehicle tracking systems commonly use GPS or GLONASS technology for locating the vehicle, but other types of automatic vehicle location technology can also be used. Vehicle information can be viewed on electronic maps via the Internet or specialized software. Urban public transit authorities are an increasingly common user of vehicle tracking systems, particularly in large cities.

Why to use GPS vehicle tracking?

The implications of GPS vehicle tracking are impressive. A business can improve security and better monitor both inventory and employees. V-Track GPS vehicle tracking is used by service and delivery companies, institutions, construction and transportation businesses.

V- Track [Vehicle Tracking System]

  • Link Vehicle with tracking Server
  • Online registration of Driver, Vehicle and Device information
  • IMEI based device mapping
  • Vehicle/Trip wise tracking
  • Seperate Module Driver for Admin
  • Mobile GPS Tracking enabled
  • Transfer Latitude and Longitude using GPRS
  • Vehicle Transport admin and Web server synchronized
  • Simple to track vehicle & know exact location
  • Admin can track Current location of each vehicle with address
  • Android and web based tracking
  • Available in Google Play Store

What to Do Before You Buy?

Vehicle Tracking System, plainly means that it tracks your vehicle. You fit this system in your vehicle and sitting at your home or office, you will know where you vehicle is. Read this article “GPS Tracking System overview and how it works ?” to know more about vehicle tracking system. So, now you know what vehicle tracking system is and how it works.

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